Pupil premium strategy statement

Strategy: A tiered approach

At Ditton Lodge Primary School, we have a tiered approach to Pupil Premium spending which allows the school to focus on a series of targeted strategies which will have the greatest impact.

These are:

1. Teaching

  • Success for All approach to literacy
  • Co-operative learning approach to promote excellent behaviour for learning
  • Explicit vocabulary teaching across the curriculum
  • High quality research-based professional development opportunities for all teaching staff

2. Targeted academic support

  • Targeted Success@arithmetic interventions
  • Targeted reading interventions
  • Booster sessions for KS2 pupils for English and Maths
  • Booster sessions for KS1 pupils for phonics
  • Personalised curricular for specific children

3. Wider strategies

  • Emotional Literacy Support Assistant for all pupils needing emotional mental health support
  • Subsidised trips and visitors
  • Subsidised sports clubs
  • Subsidised music tutoring
  • Lunchtime clubs to support vulnerable pupils
  • PAT dog reading volunteer