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Welcome to the Ditton Lodge Primary School Council.  We think carefully about the key British value of Democracy when we set up our school council every year.  We have two representatives from each class.  We were voted in at the beginning of term by our classmates after writing our own mission statements and sharing them with the class. 
We meet every fortnight with Mrs Brophy and are full of exciting ideas.  We share ideas for school improvement, help with fundraising for school and for charities and we are helping to develop the school website.  Every other week, class council sessions are held where our classmates have an opportunity to raise issues or make suggestions for school council to consider. We practice another key British Value of mutual respect by listening to each other’s ideas and opinions and working together to make Ditton Lodge a great place to be
School Council - Autumn Term 2023
Children in all classes from Y1 - Y6 elected their class representatives at the end of September.  This was tied in with PSHE learning, the importance demonstrating the Ditton Values and  the rights & responsibilities of everyone having a voice and that voice being important.
The SC met in early October where we discussed the importance of their role and talked about some of the things they would like to do.  Ideas ranged from having cake and bake sales to raise money for charity, raising funds for school equipment and making our school 'look lovely.'
The children explored the idea of having a nominated charity that we could support annually.  Support for Cancer, animal and emergency charities were popular.  This is to be explored in the New Year in consultation with Miss Bramley.
Our first major project at the end of November was running a Book Sale to raise money.  The children  designed posters which have now been put up around school and took the lead in running the sale on 30th November.
Children enjoy a drink and a biscuit at our 4 weekly meetings and are encouraged to network across year groups to encourage confidence building and social skills.  Older children have been wonderful in nurturing the younger children.  A noticeboard celebrating and communicating the work of the  SC is situated outside the Old Hall and is updated regularly.  SC events and updates are shared via Parent Mail and Google Classroom.