Our Staff

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Head Teacher

Mrs Melanie Moore (DSL,Science Leader)

Deputy Head Teacher/Year 6 Class Teacher

Miss Kim Bramley (SLT, DDSL,English, Secondary Transition Leader)

Teaching Staff

Year 5 Class Teacher  Mrs Katherine Ayers (History, Geography Leader)
Year 4 Class Teacher Mrs Helene Terry (Art Leader)
Year 3 Class Teacher Mrs Stacey Knock (Music Leader)
Year 2 Class Teacher Mrs Amanda Banks 0.6 (SLT, SENDCO) / Mrs Catherine Head 0.4 (PSHE Leader)
Year 1 Class Teacher Miss Zoe Lewis (Maths Leader)
Reception Class Teacher Mrs Claire Bailey (EYFS, Computing Leader)
Teacher Mrs Maria Marsh (Modern Foreign Language Leader)

Specialist Teaching Staff

Mr Alex Bedford (Unity Schools Partnership Foundation Curriculum Leader)
Mrs Michelle Moden (Unity Schools Partnership Modern Foreign Language Leader)

High Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Catherine Debenham (RE Leader)
Mrs Sandra Paskell (PE Leader)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Kayne Payne
Mrs Sarah Haynes
Mrs Anne Spurr
Mrs Ann Brophy
Mrs Ruth Southey
Ms April Cook
Mrs Laura Van der Klugt
Mrs Carla Nichloson
Mrs Ros Wood
Mrs Teresa Turner
Mrs Amanda Darley

Office Staff

Business Manager: Mrs Sheena Datson (DDSL)
Administrative Assistant: Mrs Chantal Colby

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Teresa Turner
Mrs Laura Van der Klugt
Mrs Ruth Southey
Mrs Sarah Haynes