Welcome to Year 2 

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Mrs Head

What is your favourite book and why? 

My favourite books are the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling because I love the escapism these books offer.  In the world of magic the author has limitless opportunities to wonder.  I remember always reserving the next instalment with eager anticipation and being the first in line to collect my reserved book!  I now have great joy in reading these books all over again with my sons, who share the same wonder and awe that I enjoyed that comes with great storytelling. 

What is your favourite memory from school? 

 My favourite memories from school are the educational trips I went on to France.  They were a great chance to broaden my experiences, with friends.  They also gave me lots of funny anecdotal stories to share for years to come! 


What is your most inspirational quote? 

There are many inspirational quotes that resonate with me, but I particularly like the following by Adam Osborne:  

             “The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you can’t learn anything from  

               being perfect.” 

This quote supports the many conversations I have with my pupils about the value in getting things wrong because when we make mistakes, this gives us the chance to learn!